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Excerpt: THE OTHER CHILD by Joanne Fluke

Chapter One

The interior of the truck was dusty and Mike opened the wing window all the way, shifting on the slick plastic-covered seat. Karen had wanted to take an afternoon drive through the country and here they were over fifty miles from Minneapolis, on a bumpy country road. It wasn’t Mike’s idea of a great way to spend a Sunday. He’d rather be home watching the Cubs and the Phillies from the couch in their air-conditioned Lake Street apartment.

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Excerpt: TAKE DOWN by Fern Michaels



All across the United States of America, citizens were waking up to what the weathermen were touting as a white Christmas for most of the country, thanks to a cold front swirling down from Canada. In the South, the sun was shining brightly as picture after picture blitzed across television screens showing Santa arriving on water skis, his sack of presents perched precariously on his back.

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